Wednesday, August 1, 2001


Last night two bats found their way into the small auditorium where we had bellydancing class. Blame it on all the vampire movies I have seen, but I hit the floor in a flash. I am generally not a squeemish person, but the thought of one of those bats flying smack into my face kept me plastered to the ground.

Tina managed to get two doors open for them to fly out. One slipped out the door and in a panic to get the it shut before he flew back in, I tramped on Tina's hand. Luckily we don't wear shoes during bellydancing...but it was probably the same hand Chuck pinched in the car window. It's no wonder she had a dream about bats last night.

Note that only one bat flew out the door. We don't know where the other one went. I was convinced he was hiding in my handbag eating my chapstick...biding his time until I picked up my bag and he could pop out at me.

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