Friday, September 28, 2001

* I couldn't get a connection Sunday night so I am squeezing my weekend posts in here...


Today was Aaron's birthday. I took him out for a birthday brunch at the Bagel Bin (bagels were ok, the atmosphere was great, but the only people working were surly 16 year old boys) and then we walked along the canal and harassed the ducks. We ate dinner at Aja Noodle (pictured on the right) that I had spied while we were at the Bagel Bin. It is very cool inside. Joel's neighbors (not Joel! how about that!?) s**tcanned it at some point, but I am not sure why. We enjoyed it.

The big event was a good ole fashioned birthday bowling party in the evening. Boy did I stink and I got the ugliest bowling shoes. Everyone had a good time though.


Tina's sister Sherri had her wedding shower today. Any thoughts I have ever had about eloping when I decided to get married have flown out the window. I realized that the pile of giftys that you receive when you get married is not something to be missed. The clever gal had registered at Target. Pure genius! You get to walk about the store with a scanner and scan in all the stuff you need...or just want.

I wonder if anyone would get me Legos if I registered for them.



Do know what is a beautiful thing? A doughnut hole. Not the empty space existing in the center of a doughnut, but the wonderful fried goodness that used to occupy that empty space. More specifically the Dunkin Donuts Munchkin. How is it that they come out so round, so lovely? Why don't they fry up in a shape of a disc? That's the magic.

I mean... I like a good doughnut, but take all that beauty of a doughnut and compact it into a spherical bite size portion, and well you have something special. I wonder if it's because you get more surface area per unit mass of doughnut? Krispy Kreme really needs to think about utilizing all those doughnut holes they are punching out of their regular doughnuts.

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