Friday, September 21, 2001

On the Loose

At some point in the night Petunia managed to twist the top off one of her little lookouts and jump ship.

I didn't have time this morning to conduct a full search. She has escaped twice before but I was awake at the time and more importantly she was too. During the previous escapes I could hear her scrabbling about and could track her down. The problem here is that I was asleep when she made a run for it, and by the time I discovered it (this morning) she, being nocturnal... was asleep in her hiding place.

She is snoozing away in some hidden corner of my apartment. She doesn't snore, so rooting her out would be like trying to find a rolled up sock that hid itself.

I suspect she is in the closet. After work I will drag everything out to find her, or wait 'til she wakes up and starts making noise. *sigh*

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