Monday, September 17, 2001


We had no trouble getting back home last night. Nonetheless, I was glad for a day's rest before heading back to work tomorrow. Aaron and I went for a bike ride in the afternoon.

Inspired by Danica's first nut of fall, I searched for acorns to put in a dish on my counter. I am sad to say that as of yet, the acorns are very small.

I hope they are planning to grow a little meatier or the poor squirrels are going to be rather hungry this winter.



We caught up with Matt, Patrik and Aaron last night. They are definately here to see different films than us. Last night while we were lounging at Remy's watching Judd Nelson chat up two women, they were seeing "Itchi the Killer".

Her Squibness- One of the main events planned for this weekend was the meeting of Squibnocket. This was the first time I would be meeting a "cyber friend". I was worried that perhaps the real me would not match the web me portrayed through my postings. My emotions ranged from nervousness to excitment.

I fear that by the time we were to meet Squib one of our prominent emotions was tiredness. The events of the week coupled with darting about the city had left us a bit glazed. Boosted by bubble tea we followed Squib though some of the best parts of the city we had seen yet. If she learned anything about us, it's that we love to shop. At least she got to observe us in our natural occupation. Squib was charming and sweet and I hope she found the same of us... if not highly amusing.

Hello Ki....THUD- That is the sound of me hitting the floor. Squib took us to a store that was wall to wall Hello Kitty, Tare Panda, Miffy Bunny and more. I was so happy. I have no idea how long I was in there. It was a break in the space time continueum. Wonderful. *sigh*


After much thought and a call to AAA we decided, despite the events earlier in the week, to continue with our plans to go to Toronto for the weekend for the remainder of the TIFF. So last night Aaron, Chuck, Tina and I packed up the car, grabbed our passports and headed north. It had been such an unsettling week, we thought a visit with our sympathetic neighbors could do us no harm. A quick phone call to Joel to check the traffic report along the way and we crossed the bridge with the shortest line into Canada.

"Serendipity"- I have been looking forward to this movie with John Cusak and Kate Beckinsale for ages. I think I saw the preview for it last winter. The script is chock full of fate, luck and destiny. John Cusak is again playing the role of the hapless, unlucky in love frumpled fellow. Just how we like him.

"American Astronaut"- This movie takes the prize for the strangest. Even stranger than the worm and golf movie. The main character has to trade a "real live girl" for a young man on a mining planet and then trade him for an old mans remains on an all woman planet and then take the remains to earth to collect a fee. It's a sci-fi western. It's in black and white. It's weird. It's strangely good.

"Birthday Girl"- Ben Chaplin is a lonely Englishman that sends away for a Russian mail order bride. He gets Nicole Kidman. (Matt asked "Is it really Nicole Kidman? I mean Nicole Kidman playing Nicole Kidman? You order a mail order bride and get NIcole Kidman? Cause that would be awesome!") No... Nicole Kidman plays Nadia, a Russian girl. The movie wasn't at all what we expected... it was a little darker than your usual romantic comedy. But it was enjoyable.

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