Wednesday, October 24, 2001

The Best of Russian Technology

Every once in awhile I get mailings from the Lomo people. The latest product they have come up with is a result of leftover Russian technology. A night vision tool called the Elf Nightvision Device. At $250 it is a pretty expensive toy.

I also found on their site these cool Fotoclips. You use them to connect your photographs into structures. So cool, even s**tcan Joel liked them. The testimonials such as Enrique are a little unsettling though. Lomo seems to be very good at pushing the limits. What other company would write "What the hell is Lomography?" on their homepage? Those crazy Russians.

Even though I already have one of the Action Sampler cameras, I would like to get the special Halloween edition Super Spooky Sampler Set. Ok I came very close to ordering it! But I resisted! I am on a buying freeze... what with an impending house purchase and approaching holiday shopping. A monumental accomplishment for me.

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