Tuesday, October 30, 2001

Card Carrying Member

There is a strip of highway between my apartment and Aaron's that is maintained by the Tall Club of Rochester. Two miles of highway, cleaned by tall people.

Aaron decided to call them. The height limit for men is 6'2" and for women it is 5'10". The woman who Aaron talked to said she is 5'10" thus making her a "squeaker"... one who barely makes the requirements. Since Aaron is 6'4" he can join free and clear.

I find this amazing. Do these people really need a club? I admit that adolesence can be rough when you are unusually tall, but once you get past that the world is your oyster. You can see everything at the concerts, no worries your view at the movie theatre will be blocked. It has been proven that tall people get more respect in job interviews, meetings, classrooms and so on and so forth.

What do they do in their meetings? I picture them sitting around knitting really long socks and singing that Randy Newman song "Short People".... "Short people got no reason to live.. They got little hands.. Little eyes.. They walk around.. Tellin' great big lies.. They got little noses.. And tiny little teeth.. They wear platform shoes.. On their nasty little feet"

I did a search for a Short Club of Rochester and Google came up with the Rochester Juggling Club. What does that mean? My 5 foot nothing self is going to start a short club.

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