Wednesday, October 17, 2001

Danger Window

I can't believe Joel hasn't blogged about it yet himself, but they just got a minivan. Ah yes, they are officially "there". All they need is the golden retreiver. At any rate, we were discussing how the minivan has the remote control door locks and so on. We started talking about how some windows have a feature that by pressing the window control a certain way, the window will automatically come down without you having to hold the button down the entire time.

I told Joel that my car will do that for putting the window up too. "Impossible", he tells me. "That is incredibly dangerous", he tells me. "Perhaps he is right", I think, imagining all the innocent fingers that could be crunched by my car window. So this morning while I am waiting at a red light, I press and hold my window control button for two seconds and release. *bzzzzzz* it comes down. Nervously I press and hold the up button and release. *bzzzzzzzzz* OH NO! My car window does that incredibly dangerous thing!

"Well this can't be", I think. It must have some sort of sensor so ones fingers won't be pinched. It can tell if there is an obstacle and will reverse, I am sure. At the next light, I take a little rubber alien that has been riding in my cup holder and hold him in the path of my window. *bzzzzzzzzz - SQUISH!!!* Ahhh ahhh! I fumble with the buttons and release the alien. I inspect him for damage.

My car window does an incredibly dangerous thing. Watch out.

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