Friday, October 19, 2001


At bellydance class one of the girls approached me and told me I looked just like Maverick's new recording artist, Michelle Branch. She had just seen her CD at Barnes and Noble.

I have never met anyone that looked like me before. I guess my Korean mother and American as apple pie father created a sort of unique mix. I was curious so I looked her up on the web.

On her web site were some publicity shots (first two pics). Ok...there were similarities, but I didn't think I looked like her. (She looked much better than me) Then I found some more casual shots (last three pics). Without the professional lighting, make up and poses... well there was a big difference. I really do look like her in the casual shots.

Those of you who know me will see how much we look alike. Those of you who don't know me.... well you will have to take my word for it. Actually my sister looks even more like her.

I found her background in an FAQ. [Question: I can't help but wonder what your ethnicity is. Would you mind telling us? Answer: Well, I get that question a lot! I'm Dutch-Indonesian and French on my mother's side and Irish on my dad's.] There you go. I get that question a lot too.

I hope she becomes magnificently famous! Maybe then she will cross over to motion pictures and will need a stand in!

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