Monday, October 15, 2001

Second Thoughts

Between reading about Joel's adventures in plumbing and his ongoing fight with falling leaves do I really want to pursue this plan of home ownership? *pause* YES! Aaachh, I can hardly sleep at night. The thoughts of curtain hanging and flower planting flood my brain til the wee hours. I can't wait to peruse the paint chips at the hardware store. I visualize a real live laundry room with a shelf for my fabric softener. Imagine if I had a house by Christmas.. I could get a REAL tree! And lights! Christmas lights!

But I must be calm. I have a habit of going full speed once I get an idea in my head. I have spoken with a real estate agent and contacted a mortgage broker. They should sufficiently reel me in and guide me along. Welcome mats! Area rugs! Storm windows! *pant pant*

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