Friday, November 16, 2001

Harry Potter and Jack Astor

There were 18 of us around a table at Jack Astor's for Tina's Birthday this evening. Someone at the table got pasta, thus enabling all of us to get the hot garlic cheese buns. Lordy those were good. But the highlight of the meal was Tina crawling up on a chair gripping a plate of birthday cake as all the servers surrounded her singing at the top of their lungs. I don't know if her smile was one of joy or "I'm gonna kill you guys".

Good thing for us Matt ordered our Harry Potter tickets on Even though we rushed directly to the theatre, the place was mobbed. The movie? ... practically follows the book chapter by chapter. Good... long... but good. I want an owl now.

Stor Troopers

Since I have been working on my character illustrations at work I have been searching the web for icon-type characters. Last year Stor Troopers were all the rage with anyone with a website. I could never get the little app to load.

Lo and behold today it worked! I was able to build my little Jenny Trooper. Scary thing is I think it really looks like me. I would totally wear an alien t-shirt and I dress mostly in black and grey.

I am a year late... but there I am.

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