Tuesday, November 27, 2001


It seems like everyone is in a knitting frenzy. Squibnocket and NotMartha have been posting about it all month. Since I had decided to handmake the majority of this years Christmas gifts, I thought knitted scarves would be the way to go.

After several frustrating hours and a carsick tummy I gave up trying to knit during the car ride home. I decided to go the way of the lazy gals knitting... crocheting. I got some super soft 'n thick chenille yarn and started a big fluffy scarf. So much easier... and quick! I have finished one and am almost done with a second!

I can't show it or speak of the other handmade delights I am working on due to the fact most of the gifts recipients read this blog. I will post some pics after the holidays.. Martha-style.

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