Monday, November 26, 2001

Sunday: Rainbow

On the ride back to Rochester the setting sun cast a deep red light across the river and trees next to us.

Aaron: "Do you wanna stop and take a picture?"
Jenny: "Nahhh the camera is in the trunk"
Aaron: "Are you sure?"
Jenny: "Yeah as soon as we get turned around I am sure the sun will be gone."
We drive a little further.
Aaron: "Sure is nice. Last chance..."
Jenny: "Turn around!"

After a scramble to get the camera out of the trunk and time to turm around back to the spot, the sun had almost set. The trees weren't the same firey red as I saw before, but there was a big rainbow, so I took pictures of that.

I brought the wrong memory card to work, so I will have to post the picture of it tomorrow.

Saturday: Haircut

My sister asked me to cut her hair today. heh heh. I guess I took off a little more than she expected. She yelped when she looked in the mirror. heh heh.

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