Monday, November 19, 2001

Sunday: Tupperware and a house to put it in

Midst all the Harry Potter and Deep Fried Turkey this weekend, I was meeting with my realtor, Eileen and looking at a house (pictured here). Saturday, I made an offer. Sunday, the owner countered and I accepted. I'm a homeowner! It all went very quickly. I am very excited. The daydreams and plans for interior decorating and home improvement may now proceed.

In the evening Tina and I cohosted a Tupperware Party. As I looked through the catalogue I thought... "hmmm where would I put this Rock and Serve set? Oh yeah! In my NEW kitchen! Better order some more. " And the best thing was, as a co-host I got one product free and one half off. The only thing better than Tupperware is free Tupperware!

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