Friday, November 9, 2001

Turkey Turkey

I am so excited for Matt's Redneck/White Trash Deep Fried Turkey Party. I always thought the Turducken was kinda gross, but I am all for something that is deep fried. Just like the Krispy Kreme Wall of Glaze, you really can't go wrong. Anything deep fried or sent through a Wall of Glaze is bound to be good.

Besides, as Matt pointed out, Martha deep fried a turkey (see pic). I was rather surprised to see she didn't paint that nasty rusty propane tank a nice shade of robin's egg blue, but there she is with her Turkey Fryer.

The excitment is catching... Cindy posted a link to someone's Turkey Frying Photo Album. I think in my mind this isn't so much a redneck party as it is a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Remember that episode where all the kids in the neighborhood come and Snoopy serves popcorn and toast? At any rate, I am still trying to come up with a dish that involves Velveeta or Jello to take to the party.

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