Wednesday, December 19, 2001

In Case You Were Wondering

Turns out that the pet store is merely incompetant. I asked a snail expert about the identity of my snail... he wrote...

"Ampullarius is the old and incorrect name for apple snails. Since decades it's adviced to use the correct genus name: Pomacea, but unfortunately the aquarium trade is rather slow in adapting this... maybe they only look in those old books they have found on the shelves... cuprina aurea is also incorrect for Pomacea glauca, but this snail is not in trade and looks different. Besides old names, the aquarium trade is also notorious for using the wrong species names for these snails. Most likely you have a Pomacea canaliculata apple snail. Aurea points to the golden colour, which is a sort of albino form."

So he is a Golden Apple Snail. I will sleep better tonight.

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