Monday, December 10, 2001

Saturday: Day Trip

Tina and I went to visit Squib today. Our intent was to go to the Umbra Sale, but a three hour wait in the cold did not appeal so we quickly changed our plans. What a happy rearrangement. We had a yummy lunch at an Italian restaurant complements of Squib. Then we headed off to Pacific Mall. I was in heaven. I went in half a dozen Hello Kitty stores. We had hardly even seen one fourth of the mall when it started to close and we had to leave.

The best part of the day was hanging out with Squib and meeting Fuzzy Rabbit Face. Squib is so easy and interesting to talk to. She made us both the coolest knit hat with ears. I was stunned. After my knitting fiasco, I was amazed at the perfect little hats she had taken the time to make us. They even have little "Made by" labels on the inside. I packed mine away so Tina could wear hers for the day and we wouldn't be Twinsies on the Town, but I have worn it every day since. A huge thanks to Squib for such a great day!

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