Wednesday, January 23, 2002


For some reason the topic of colored ketchup keeps popping up into conversations this week. Apparently there is now a purple EZ Squirt to go with the green and the traditional red.

Joel thought the green was a different flavor so I went to see if this was true. It's not. Heinz has in fact completed a survey that determined that "Spicy, onion, garlic, citrus and mesquite are the five most popular flavors in America." I suppose they will be coming out with special flavored ketchups soon.

I did learn on the Heinz web site that Canadians and the British prefer a sweeter ketchup. There are other facts such as this from around the world and info like "There are 25 tomatoes in every bottle of ketchup" throughout the site. Things you never thought about ketchup.

Their novelty store was interesting. I don't think I would want the ketchup bottle salt and pepper shakers, though. That would be just plain confusing... *putting ketchup on my burger*.... "Ohhhhh!!!! it's actually pepper!"

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