Friday, February 15, 2002


Today is a day of exchanging information. I have read useful information on blogs that other bloggers might be interested in, but might not have seen.

#1 Greta had been feeling out of sorts, and then Loobylu wrote about taking rescue remedy to calm down before her driving lesson. I remember Kristen writing about using it for stressful moments. I am interested in it for those days where I get a little overly excited and flit about the house eratically. Worth looking into. Especially for the overwhelming experiences at Ikea.

#2 In turn Greta wrote about a program where you can knit a sweater for a penguin to keep him warm. Penguins lose their natural oil when they are cleaned up after oil slicks. The sweaters help protect them. They make penguin jumpers in England and penguin sweaters here. So sad... yet so cute.

" Soon, news of the penguins' need for sweaters spread via the Internet. Knitters in Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States downloaded penguin sweater patterns and set to work. Some got very excited, adding special touches, like little bows. Others knitted sweaters in the colors of their favorite sports teams." I think master knitters, notMartha and Squib could knit some mighty fine sweaters for the little guys. I can't knit but if they need little crocheted scarves, the penguins can contact me.

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