Monday, March 11, 2002

Hearth and home

Yesterday was a gorgeous day. You only get one or two days like that in the spring and fall. The air is warm with a cool breeze... I can't quite describe it... it's the perfect temperature.

I had several windows open in the house while I cleaned and got ready for the party. The house smelled like spring as people arrived in their light jackets and short sleeves.

As the night progressed the weather took a turn for the worse. By the time my last guests left after midnight, the temperature dropped to the teens, it was raining sideways and was so windy I could hardly open the storm door.

Luckily, I had the chimney inspected on Wednesday and the fireplace as all set to go. There is nothing like a crackling fire on a cold night. Towards the end of my party, Abby was stretched in front of the fireplace like a cat. Of course I don't have real firewood like my parents who get fallen logs from my grandfather's mountain land. No, I had to make do with one of those pressed firelogs. I was impressed with them though. Especially with the Crackling kind... it snapped and crackled like a regular fire. I want to try the kind that makes different colored flames. And maybe some of those pinecones that give off a nice scent.

It is cold again today and I threw another firelog in the fireplace. Hopefully my dad will be able to bring me some real wood at some point when I am done experimenting with the faux kind.

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