Saturday, April 27, 2002


Well, we weren't special guests that went backstage this time, just regular shmoes at the Guster concert this evening. Tina, Abby and I were in the second row being jossled around while Aaron and Chuck hung out at the bleachers. Despite barely making it through the two opening bands (my legs were killing me), I thoroughly enjoyed the concert.

Aaron got me a patch of the little "Big Friend" that is featured on their first album, "Parachute". I got the poster with him on it too, but I didn't wait to get it signed. Maybe I should have. This may be the last time we see them at a small venue. A lot of their songs were in the movie "Life as a House" and even the dog in the movie was named Guster. I think their next album may be the one to break them into the big time.

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