Thursday, May 9, 2002


I was searching online for a Star Wars tee shirt, (more on that next week... la la laaaa) and I found a link for "I Hate Clowns" tee shirts. They were featured on an "I Hate Clowns" website. Bah -hah.... Aaron hates clowns, with a passion. The site is for people that aren't afraid of clowns, nay.. they HATE clowns. I don't know if he would qualify.. because I suspect he is a smidge frightened of them also.

They have stickers, mugs, mousepads and tee shirts all emblazoned with their strong dislike of clowns. You can also voice your disgust in their discussion boards. There are anticlown stories, contests and surveys. One can take ones aggression out on clown bashing games. All highly amusing.

I think I need to start an "I hate Ants" website.

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