Saturday, May 11, 2002

Birthday Goodness

Well, I had a really great birthday. It was lovely out so Aaron and I went to the Lilac Fesitval to see the parade. We got deep fried oreos (uhhhhh gooood) and kettle corn. Oh yeah and there were lots of lilacs to sniff.

In the evening we went out with friends for Mexican food and birthday cake. After we went to hear Peachy Nietzsche do Diva Night. The band invites local women to perform with them. I imagine if it is your dream to perform on stage this is like karaoke the the tenth power. Some of the divas were really good.

An excellent birthday haul this year. I got goodeis such as Urban Outfitters stuff, Martha mini flower green house, Piglet dressed as an alien, a craft book, bendy flower frame, an orchid plant, a lego pen and cool stuff from Hawaii. Aaron's big gift to me was a tennis racket, tennis balls and "Learn Tennis in No Time" lessons. Very creative. He is making it harder to outdo himself each year.

(Note: for those of you pondering over the deep fried oreos.... they were dipped in funnel cake batter, then fried. The oreo became warm and mushy. They are the first pics in the band of pics)

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