Saturday, June 8, 2002


Tony was dj-ing at the No Frills Fashion show so we decided to go. Tina and Aaron (even I at one point) considered volunteering as models, but we got involved too late in the game. I was just glad I went. The designs were really cool.

The first designer had mostly transparent clothes so I had that weird "where do I look?" feeling. The second designer did a combination of victorian and goth styles. Long black sweeping coats and big hoop skirts. A lot of the knitters out there would have been interested in the next to last designer that had all knitted coats and pullovers in bright colors and tubular designs. I was feeling really inspired and even thought about designing some stuff myself. It would be nifty to get my friends to model the stuff, but I imagine I would be baking lots of brownies in order to convince them to do something like that.

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