Friday, June 21, 2002


Since today is the first day of summer we are having a "Hot Dog! It's summer!" celebration at work. We are going to grill hot dogs on our four Smokey Joe's down at the park around the corner from our office. The ever vigilant EAT team went to Sam's Club wednesday night and bought.... 10 packs of Zweigle hot dogs (18 dogs per pack... red and white), 2 packs of Zweigle Lights and 2 packs of Not Dogs, 8 bags of potato chips, 16 bags of hot dog buns (12 buns per bag) and lots of paper plates and napkins.

We got some funny looks at Sam's Club.

Poesy Girl sent me a link for Hot Dog Cookies. Don't worry.. they aren't made of hot dogs... they are cookies made to look like hot dogs (pictured here), with icing mustard and coconut relish. So cute! Like Megan, I like food that looks like other food.

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