Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Joys of Homeownership

So I get a letter yesterday telling me that due to the condition of my garage roof my homeowners policy is being dropped July 10. A month or so ago, I switched insurance companies because I found new insurance for much cheaper. They send out an inspector who shows up at 8 am without an appointment and asks me if my mother is home. I firmly but politely ask him to schedule an appointment to return.

I think he decided "Hah... I'll fix her wagon" and listed my garage roof as needing replacement. He never even looked inside the garage or asked if I had problems ( I don't). I didn't get a warning or a chance to fix it... just a "We are dropping you" letter.

The insurance company says I can send them a work order from a contractor or a receipt for purchase of shingles to avoid my policy being canceled. Pain! What a pain! If an inspector ever comes to the house again, I am baking him cookies.

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