Sunday, July 21, 2002


I am of the age that despite the fact that I am neither married nor a parent... most of my friends are, thus I get invited to baby showers, christenings, and children's birthday parties. Lucky for me I enjoy them all, and there is always lots of cake present at these sort of events.

Today I had two baby social events scheduled, a shower and a first birthday. I have to write about a game that was played at the shower. There were eight diapers on a table, each with a different candy bar melted in it. You were to examine each and try to guess what type of candy bar it was. The contents of the diapers were frighteningly realistic and it was hysterical to watch everyone sniffing them.. trying to figure if it held a Snickers or a Butterfinger. There was a sign saying that you couldn't taste the candy... as though I could have brought myself to do that.

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