Thursday, July 25, 2002

Egg Drop

We had our 2002 Office Egg Drop Competition this afternoon. My own personal entry was "Eggvil Knievel". I got a cheapy plastic kids car, spray painted it silver and painted stars and stripes on it. It had a foam drivers seat and a big parachute. I am pleased to say that the egg survived.

The highlight of the event was the Site Ops team entry. They made a giant honey bear to put the egg in. They filled a plastic bear cookie jar with the gelatin that we use to make film, let it harden, then cut off the plastic. The results was a big shivering, transluscent bear with a hole in his head to hold the egg. The crowd was chanting... "Gel Bear.. Gel Bear!"

Gel Bear bounced but the egg popped out and died.

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