Thursday, July 11, 2002

Skipping Stuff

In today's Daily Candy I found out about the cool Skipping Girl totes made with skipping rope handles. Later in the day I received an email pointing out the similarity in design between the girl featured on the bags and my own illustrations. There are similarities, but I think they are still pretty different. Only so many ways to arrange two eyes and a mouth.

I went to the site to check out the stuff and found cute little make up bags, rain boots and hair accessories. If I didn't already have a pink pair of Martha boots, I would be so tempted. I love the little girl hair elastics too.

I think the bags are pure genius and I want one of course. But that would be wrong. Especially since I haven't even used my Brave Brown Bag yet. Plus they are $90. Perhaps I could hawk my cafepress bags using this angle... "Do you like Skopping Girl Bags? Then you will LOVE Ljc Bags@!"

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