Wednesday, August 14, 2002


As the London departure date draws closer the travel panic begins to set in. "Do I have enough toothpaste to take? Surely they don't have toothpaste in London?" I am begining to lie awake at night making lists.

One aspect of preparation involves wearing a different pair of shoes to work each day to test their comfort level. We plan to walk a lot and nothing ruins a vacation faster than blisters. What I have discovered, is that while my shoe collection is quite attractive and suitable for trotting about the office, after treking up and down the stairs or around the mall twice, most of them aren't up to the task of all day walking.

We all know what that means. New shoes. The result, the Awesome from Steve Madden (on sale). The newest member of my shoe family has quite a lot riding on it. Two days wear has shown them to be... cute... versatile... comfy... capable of carrying me at a fast pace in the event of being chased... and they add a good two inches... a matter of utmost importance.

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