Monday, September 16, 2002

Civic Duty

I got a summons for jury duty this week. Everyone keeps telling me how much they enjoyed it... but I am not looking forward to it. Sure it might be interesting hearing a case, but when I hear stories of three week long cases and the defendant found guilty trying to get on the elevator with all the jurors... I am not so excited.

Everyday I call at 12:45 to hear if I am to attend that afternoon, then again at 5:30 to hear if I need to be there the next morning. Project managers keep asking me if I will be available for meetings.. and I don't have answers for them. The uncertainty is driving me nuts. I just know I will end up sitting for the murder trial of the century and end up eating cold pizza in a scuzzy hotel as I have been sequestered. Or I will spend hour upon hour sitting in a lobby reading the same magazine over and over again waiting for my name to be called. Bleah.

Update: Just called in... I have to report tomorrow at 9. Boooooo

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