Monday, October 14, 2002

Our little baked potato

I forgot to write about Aaron's puppy tests. Aaron had read up on tests to figure out what is a good puppy. Things like making a loud noise to see if they flinch, a light pinch to see if they nip at you. Things to discover the puppy's personality. Clearly these were tests for older puppies... not little potato puppies that just recently opened their eyes. It was pretty funny to see all them scooching around like caterpillars, oblivious of any sort of test. I said "Go on... run your tests... maybe one will roll over to you". Ha ha ha.

No, we don't have a name picked out for him yet. Aaron likes Bernard... but the British pronounciation (Beh-ned). We liked Peanut for awhile, but discovered that was a nickname for Tina's niece. With our luck she would have it 'til college. Plus Joel claims you can't name a pug with a name that starts with "P". Clyde is the current favorite. I think they all look like Walter Mathou.

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