Thursday, January 30, 2003


Now with Aaron gone, I have reverted back to single person eating habits. (He is blogging again by the way, but his site is all messed up. I will have to fix it for him, not to mention spruce up my own site... one thing at a time).

We all know what I mean by the single person's eating habits. This is a diet in which dinner can consist of (A) a bag of microwave popcorn ( B) dry cereal eaten over the sink whilst standing. (C) chinese take out or if that even consumes too much energy...a bowl of ramen.

I love cereal, and I am currently addicted to the new Berry Burst Cheerios. Cheerios with strawberries or mixed berries. Delish! Here is a tip... no matter how tasty they look, don't eat the berries straight out of the box. They need to soak up some milk to pop back into shape. If you eat them dry.. oooooeeeeee.... sour.

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