Monday, January 13, 2003

Off and away

I dropped Aaron off at the airport today. It is so freezing cold here I almost envy him heading to a warmer climate. Actually he should be pretty comfy in Bahrain. He found out he will have a flat and has heard from several people that they enjoyed being stationed there.

The VFW gave him a flag for me to hang up. It is white with a red border and a blue star in the center. It signifies that he is gone on military service. (Although I think it is just for war time, which I don't think we are in yet... right?) A nice gesture but so sad. Why don't they just come over and poke me with a sharp stick? I will hang it inside, but not in a window. That's like saying "Hello! All alone in here! Come steal my TV! Friendly pug will hold the door for you!".

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