Tuesday, January 7, 2003

Tina - 6, Jenny -4

While I would say it is 80% due to Tina's prodding that I now have cable and am becoming addicted to it... I can't really complain. We seem to have a co-dependent friendship. I have introduced Tina to enough addictive food that I haven't room to speak.

Foods I introduced Tina to that she now cannot live without:
1. Jamba Juice... we were in Park City, Utah for work
2. Krispy Kremes... we were in Las Vegas... for work again strange enough
3. Bugogi

Foods Tina introduced me to that I now cannot live without:
1. Kettle Korn
2. Melted Brie with brown sugar
3. Pellegrino's Buffalo Chicken sub

Hmmm.... and there's also the artichoke dip I make... and she makes dirt dessert.... aaaand she showed me how to put chips on hamburgers and dip red hot blue tortilla chips in melted cheddar. Getting hungry.....

Pellegrino's Buffalo Chicken Sub is the most recent addiction. Tasty bread with breaded chicken strips doused with hot sauce topped with blue cheese, lettuce and tomato. Have considered getting two in one day.

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