Tuesday, March 11, 2003


Before Aaron left for overseas, he tried to finish a list of fix-it jobs around my house. At the top of the list was fixing my broken shower door. He came down from the bathroom brushing off his hands proclaiming that it was fully operational.

The day after he left it promptly stopped rolling again. (I suspect that he just wedged the broken roller back onto the post, but I have no proof) I consigned myself to the thought that I wouldn't be able to roll that door back and forth for the next year.

A month of only one working door and I'd had enough. Last night, I heaved the door off the track, examined the remaining roller and took off for Home Depot. Sure enough I was directed to the proper aisle, purchased the roller, took it home, unscrewed the broken off screw and put the new roller on. Rollie roll roll! "Hmmmm that wasn't too hard." I began prowling the house looking for other problems in which to apply my new found handiness. On the phone, Aaron sounded a tic worried that perhaps I didn't need him anymore. Not true. I still can't reach the top shelves of my cupboards. : )

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