Friday, March 28, 2003

I am

I have seen other bloggers run their names through the Googlism, but I never got any results for my real name. After my coworker Tom emailed me the link I thought to try it with my nickname. "Ljc" came up with...

ljc is listening (Just like Fraiser)
ljc is usually in turmoil (Yes... should I have the cheesecake or the creme brulee?)
ljc is a continuous level detector using ion (That's affirmative)
ljc is approximately $9 million (I am taking out an insurance policy on me)
ljc is a professional web designer and freelance journalist who has been writing fan fiction (Close)
ljc is happy to accept credit cards for deposits only (Very happy, but sorry no refunds or returns)
ljc is fully independent (true)
ljc is able to provide you with the advice and craftsmanship talents on the eastern shore (I am looking to expand to the west coast next year)
ljc is keeping a fabulous travel diary (I hope this one was about Piglets trip to Europe last summer)
ljc is looking for a particular website about egg drop contests (this one is me! I did that for work)
ljc is a fragrant aroma ( Heh heh)
ljc is "pure" (Pure trouble)
ljc is uniquely and solely qualified to serve as our advocate (Thank you for your support)
ljc is sending someone up who should be able to help us a bit (I'll get right on that)
ljc is so 2 (Two years old? Well yes.)

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