Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Faux Tivo

Now that I have cable I can't keep up with all the shows I want to see. Invariably they are on when I am off doing something else and when I am settling in to watch TV... they aren't. Tivo seemed to be the best option... but Aaron is paying the cable bill so a Time Warner DVR was more appealing. (Thank you Aaron!) It's not Tivo, but it works well enough.

The cable guy came on Monday, and as soon as he was out the door, I started programming. I love it! I watch shows when I'm ready to watch them. And I can set it to automatically record certain programs every week. So far my saved list consists of... Nigella Bites, Enterprise, Queen of the Damned and Wuthering Heights. If anything, my recordings show what eclectic tastes I have. If someone comes up with a cooking show set in the 1800's on a spaceship hosted by a vampire, I am so there!

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