Thursday, April 3, 2003

Lettuce Wedge

Last friday we all went to Wegman's new restaurant, Tastings, for lunch. It was a goodbye lunch for Abby. (I hadn't written about this but it was the last day for folks in my office that were laid off. Pretty rough.) I was sad, but also guilty because my lunch was so good, I couldn't help but enjoy myself.

I had a Iceberg Wedge with Blue Cheese Dressing and Buffalo Chicken Cutlets. It was little chunks of cripsy, buffalo sauce coated chicken, and a quarter of a head of lettuce with dressing. I couldn't get over the lettuce wedge. I like salad, but this was better. There is something more satisfying about chomping down on a chunk of lettuce rather than separate leafs. Like biting down on a stack of Pringles as opposed to just one. I remember having one at Lone Star ages ago and loving it. I found the secret recipe to Lone Star's Lettuce Wedge. (not that there can be that much to a lettuce wedge) This week I bought a head of lettuce and a bag of frozen buffalo chicken strips in order to recreate my newest lunch obsession.

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