Sunday, June 29, 2003

Strawberry picking party 2003

Why am I grimacing in this picture? Because I am picking strawberries in the rain. It started to pour when we got to the field and stopped the exact moment we stepped out of the rows. Tina perkily announced when we first started picking "It's refreshing". A little later on I heard her not so perkily mumbling something about her butt getting soggy.

The lady told us "If it starts to lightning we will have to ask you to come off the field" Like you would have to coerse me. Actually I like to wear tall pointy metal hats out in strawberry fields during storms.

We did get enough for fresh strawberry shortcake and a few to indulge the pup. I like the look on his face... "Oh my gawd... I have been waiting all day for one of these!"

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