Monday, July 7, 2003

Coming home

There has been talk of Aaron coming home early from Bahrain, but I have been reluctant to post about it. Not until it was official. Things have a way changing at a moments notice in the military. Well, he got his orders two days ago and he is coming home July 31. Oh, but wait! Don't get too comfortable yet! Aaron emailed me this conversation he had yesterday.

Chief - "Hey, what would you think about extending? Cause we could use you in ****...blah blah blah!!!"
Aaron - "No, I don't think so, I just got my orders for 31 July, so I am out of here"
Him - "Well, what we could do is, you could go home on leave and then come back here for about 60 days, how does that sound?"
Aaron-"No...  I think I am going to just go home"
Him-"Well, why don't you think about it and get back to me"
Aaron- "Mmm-hmmm"
(Aaron thinking to himself) Geez, I guess the no deo and no bathing combined with increased bean and cheese consumption, just isn't doing it! ( I had told him to make himself unbearable so they would send him home)
** If I had been there, the end of the converstion would have taken a different turn.
Jenny - "NO WAY! HUH-UH!! BACK OFF!!!!!" (picture me stabbing my index finger into chiefs chest... hey they can't court martial me... right? Can they?)

I mean I am all for Aaron doing his patriotic duty, but I haven't seen him in six months, his puppy is all grown up, his classes start again in September and... I am tired of mowing the grass.

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