Monday, August 18, 2003

Tina and Aaron are planning on starting a Jenny sneeze support group. Apparently I sneeze loudly (Aaron's complaint) and suddenly (scare the wits out of Tina). I have made an effort to rectify both these characteristics. Unfortunately if I try to make any signal noise "Ahhh... ahhh" , it scares away the sneeze. Even banging on my desk with my fist ruins the moment. Then I am unsatiated.

Sneezing loudly is just more satisfying. Clears out whatever was causing the sneeze. One loud sneeze is probably as effective as three regular force sneezes. Coworkers say they can hear me three rows of cubicles over. Additionally, I sneeze alot due to pollen and dust allergies. Perhaps I will make a go of the new Febreeze Allergen Reducer. Before I drive away everyone around me.

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