Wednesday, September 24, 2003


I nearly bought a pair of pants that were size zero, just because I was able to zip them up. I'm not saying they looked good... oh no. They certainly didn't feel good. That wasn't the point. They were z-e-r-o-s. Aaron talked me out of it, because I could barely walk, much less consider sitting down.

Why must we play the size game? I've heard of projects that would help standardize sizes. It would fix the problem of a size 8 at H & M being a size 4 at Banana Republic. Couldn't womens sizes go by inches like men's clothing, or is that too scary? Mmm yeah, I guess I don't want my waist size printed inside my jeans.

Mind you I am normally not even at that end of the number scale. No, no, no. The thought of me being a size zero is laughable. Clearly there was some vanity sizing going on. Guess what? It works.

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