Friday, October 10, 2003

Candy Lips

Being bombarded by Halloween candy at every twist and turn? Try Lotta Luv's sweet lips line! I spotted them at Target... stuff like Tootsie Roll lip gloss, Sugar Daddy lip gloss, Blow Pop lip glosses, and Jr. Mints lip balm. There is also stuff out there flavored like Bubble Yum, Twizzlers, PEZ, Cinnabon and even Twinkies. All fat free! You might see me sitting at a stop light someday gnawing on my lip balm.

I was amused that Aaron had been dipping into the Halloween Reeses Peanut Butter Cups I got for trick or treaters (I bought two big bags of candy at Target to get the free vinyl Halloween tote bag), so I got him the Reeses Cup Lip Gloss shaped like a peanut butter cup and hid it in the candy bag with a note. I know he is a guy, but guys gotta keep their lips moisturized too, so it might as well be with something that tastes like a Reeses Cup!

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