Sunday, October 12, 2003

A few early pumpkins

I am planning on having my fifth annual Pumpkin Carving Party the weekend before Halloween. But that is too long for Tina to wait for Snacky Jack pumpkin seeds. Snacky Jacks are small pumpkins with green seeds that are either hull-less or they have very thin hulls. At any rate eating them is like eating peanuts, there are no hull shrapnels getting stuck in your teeth.

Must - have - Snacky Jacks. We went out the pumpkin patch to pick up a few. Tina got eight. I took some pictures, because for some reason, pictures taken in pumpkin fields always turn out amazing. Back home, I toasted two of the three SJ's I got. Oscar was disturbed by them, especially when they sat in his bed.

For more info on these seeds, the pumpkins are actually called Snack Jacks and you can order seeds to grow them here.

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