Tuesday, November 4, 2003

The highlight of the halloween party was supposed to be s'mores making, but it was so warm out, you couldn't huddle over the firepit for too long.

I had gotten these nifty marshmallow forks at Target just for the occasion. Note the special features such as "angled tines" and "standard graham cracker spacing". And to imagine all those years I was just using a whittled stick!

At any rate we will still get use out of the marshmallow forks this winter in the fireplace. I especially want to try some of the s'more ideas from the Smith and Hawken website... instead of plain chocolate try a peanut butter cup or peppermint patty. Add a slice of grilled banana, some coconut or grape jelly. Or when it's all toasted, smoosh the s'more onto a bowl of ice cream. *drool*

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