Monday, March 15, 2004

There are certain decor items I have for each holiday. Flags, door hangings, dog collars, dish towels and hand towels. Alas, after these many years, I have not been able to find a St. Patrick's Day themed hand towel and washcloth. So I took it upon myself to make some. I got green towels and shamrock buttons and stitched the buttons on. Viola!

I proudly showed my creation to Aaron who said "Won't those buttons scratch when you dry your hands and face on them?" WHAT!? I calmly and quietly explained that my "special" holiday towels are not to be used! They are for looks only and I certainly hope he has not been wiping his grubby hands on my cute pink Valentine's Day Love towels! At that point he mumbled something about stacking wood and left the room as quickly as possible.

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