Thursday, March 4, 2004

Tina is in Florida and she took a little friend with her. Here is the back story. You may have seen some of my photo albums that feature Piglet on my travels and holidays. Well, last winter I went with Chuck and Tina on their yearly trek to Florida, and don't you know... I forgot Piglet. Chuck found this particulary amusing since I was there to visit Disney World and that is Piglet headquarters. Chuck planted "notes" from Piglet all over the place "written" by Piglet. They said things like "I wish you hadn't forgotten me" and "It's cold back here in Rochester".

This year I packed Piglets bags with his sunglasses, camera and sunhat and gave him to Tina to stash in Chuck's suitcase. Piglet is now in Florida and from the looks of the pictures Tina has sent he is having a grand time eating pickles and sitting by the pool.

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