Tuesday, May 4, 2004

As if I don't have enough to worry about... broken web page... Oscar's sudden interest in stealing and eating pens... we are about to be invaded by cicadas.

"The Brood X (Brood Ten) cicada population—the one that erupts this year in the eastern U.S.—is particularly far flung; emergences are expected in 15 states. But the Brood X cicadas only come out once every 17 years."

Ewww... napping bugs crawling out to say hello? That's not all. Apparently they appear as tasty treats "Like a yard full of chicken nuggets" to dogs. Oscar is always up for a snack.

Additionally, I am running the risk of having a few extra cicada guests at my wedding. The ceremony is indoors, but the reception is outside. An optimist would say... hey! extra food! That's right... some people eat them. "It is said they taste like asparagus or clam-flavored potato." Forget about the cake....tasty.

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