Friday, May 21, 2004

At work, Tina and I share an office. It works out good because both our Pantone color personality tests said that we were "Unusual". Today I noticed that the Pez dispensers on the ledge between us were all facing her.

So I ask her..."Why are all the Pez gazing adoringly at you with all their backs towards me?"

"What!? It's not enough that you have all those looking at you!" (she gestures toward the other 57 Pez dispensers that are on the wall behind my computer monitor)

"She continues... Can't I have a few fans?! And you have all those doughboys! All I have is this measly one doughboy and he is looking at you too! What... what's that doughboy? You're sick of looking at her? Here." Positions him so he is staring at her.

At this point I am laughing hysterically and she quietly states... "Oh... we ARE unusual!"

(yeah these are camera phone pics, because I am too lazy to walk over the cabinet and get out a digital camera)


  1. Ah-hahahaha! Great story!
    ++Abby in Boston

  2. That is hilarious conversation--I could -see- Tina turning the Doughboy....

  3. You two are something else. I can see your lives turned into a sitcom now and I would watch!! Can't wait for wedding pics. Good Luck!!!

  4. women are fine and lovely and brings me the money; I like them for their thoughts, and hard, wet, young bodies. And boobs. Show me money. And TitTIES. And your mas.

    -The apple dumpling gang (comin'atcha) our realtor sez we're good people meow \
    PS I sorry for my English Ido from Iceland

  5. how many pez dispensers and doughboys would there be?? you guys sound like everyday at the office is a riot. :)

  6. The Pez dispensers are adorable. The doughbouys, however, are a bit creepy. They look like an army! :)

  7. where do you get all your doughboys?

  8. i love your pez collection and all the doughboys, how come you have all those? i remember an earlier post you made about them arriving in the mail but i don't know the whole story...

    oh and hey! i found this website and i couldn't help but to think of you it has such cute stuff for dogs and kitties too and i know you love these kind of things!