Wednesday, May 5, 2004

It's an apple! It's a grape! It's a Grapple! (say grape and "L") An apple that tastes like a grape.We spotted these at Wegmans... four grapples nestled in their own special plastic containers. They were pricier than regular apples... yet... how could I not try them? I ate one for lunch today. It smells very much like a grape... doesn't taste as much like a grape... but still yummy.

Other food discovery...Snuggles hot dog rolls. We normally gravitate to the New England style buns, but these buns looked intriguing. (I got a different brand than the one pictured here.) I can't quite explain how they are different, but we grilled hot dogs tonight and they were better than the typical hot dog bun! Plus, who can resist a name like that?

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